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Adventure Dating
What is Adventure Dating?

Adventure dating is an intentional act that partners implement in their relationship to ignite the flame, bringing the passion back by fulfilling the needs that once were met at a high-level and and tend to fade as the years go on.
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Why Adventure Dating?

It’s been reported that 65% of marriages end in divorce today. Divorce leads to so much pain and suffering for the parties involved including the children. Most don’t separate because lack of love but lack of passion. For most, passion fades as time goes on because they fail to fuel the flame that once was.

Avoid The Rage Monster
What is the Rage Monster?

The silent monster that destroys relationships doesn’t happen overnight. It builds up over time, like a storm that begins to build deep in the ocean.

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Know exactly what to say when the rage monster shows up

The silent monster often times begins with the lack of presence. We get so busy with work, business, children, hobbies, life, that our partner starts to feel neglected and unappreciated. As the petty offense file fills up, the silent monster starts. Eventually turning into the rage monster and then the storm explodes. These storms leads to the silent treatment, passive aggressiveness and partners distancing themselves from each other. They withhold love and affection.
Learn how to Avoid this and possibly save your relationship.

Intimacy Versus Orgasm

We have found that the area of sex can have so much pain for people in their relationships - especially in long term relationships – because there is insufficient asking and telling. Many people are going through life just trying to guess their partner’s needs. and desires.

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Elicit your partners love strategy Download
Orgasm Vs Intimacy Download

What if there was a way for you to know exactly what your partner wanted and needed and knew exactly how to deliver it? Would you have value in your partner knowing exactly what mood you were in and what you wanted and needed in that moment? This program brings the invisible into visible.
The Debt Elimination System
What is the Debt Elimination System?
Find out what the banks and credit card companies don't want you to know about how to pay off any amount of debt in a fraction of the time with this simple system.
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Debt Elimination Tracking Sheet Download

This simple step by step process is easy to follow and allows you to plug in your personal debt situation. Find out how hundreds of people have paid down millions of dollars of debt with the debt elimination system

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